Some advice on choosing windows and doors

2022-04-27 09:24

1. Processing technology

To the stand or fall of processing technology, it basically depend on the quality of window, the accuracy of processing dimension and the fitness of hardware.

2. Hardware accessories

In hardware fittings respect, its performance depend on its flexibility, sealing, wear resistance and corrosion-resistant. And accessories are mainly considered to be placed in the profile chamber lining steel, good lining steel should be at least 1.2 mm wall thickness. Now some manufacturers often juggle with the lining steel, in order to lower prices, to attract business, leading to consumers be cheated.

3.Style of Windows

Normally, window style includes swing, push-pull and fixed. To stand or fall ofsound insulation effect, fixed windowis best. This type of window is suitable for sunny areas that do not need to be opened. Compare with push-pull window, the sound insulation effect of swing window is better than push-pull window, you can choose appropriate window style according to its feature.