Passive house 130

Best Performance: With total 130mm frame thickness and 4 layers rubber strip, the wind load pressure and warter penetration achieve the highest level of the windows standard.

Best energy rating: PH 130 window has triple glass 5+16ar+5 lowe+16ar+5 lowe glass, warm edge spacers and argon gas filled, also the wood frame is not conductive as aluminum which contribute to the insulation performance also.The U-value of the entire window can reach 0.789 W/(㎡·k)

The surface of wood is treated by environmental friendly water based lacquer, high specification coating process with “Twice primer, twice finish”. Water based lacquer is purely extracted from plant, which is harmless to your health.

Thermo 100

Total 93mm frame thickness, triple layers of seal, triple glazing with double layers of low-e glass and multiple lock points, all of those make the window high porfermance. The u-value of the window sample can reach 0.80W/(㎡•k)

Upvc 88

Good insulation performance:

Low thermal conductivity of plastics in aluminum plastic composite profiles. The insulation effect is also good, and   also has good airtightness. In cold regions, although the outdoor temperature drops by tens of degrees Celsius, the indoor temperature is very warm.

Good sound insulation performance:

The UPVC structure has been carefully designed with tight joints. After testing, the sound insulation value can reach 35dB, which meets relevant standards.

UPVC does not rust and is corrosion-resistant

Material is suitable for different climatic environments:

In Europe, UPVC windows have nearly 50 years of practical experience in use and will not crack,shrink or deform under dry climate conditions UPVC has no deformation in humid and rainy envirnments for a long time.

Satisfactory performance has been achieved through long term use in cold regions such as Northern Europe, Russia, and Northeast China.