Penjoy Solutions For You

As a professional manufacturer, Penjoy windows and doors are more than 10 years warranty.

Penjoy Main Market

Penjoy has achieved a number of certifications, product quality can meet New Zealand standard. Our products are famous for fine craftsmanship and long life durability. As an export supplier to the world,we can produce windows and doors with international leading level and high performance. Our doors and windows are exported all over the world, including North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and so on.

The Advantage Of Penjoy

-Attractive design

Due to many years of experience, Penjoy can design right style to meet customer requirements.

-High performance

We use high-end materials, advanced technology to make every window and door, so all of the products will show their high performance around the world.

-Reasonable price

We have been engaged in the door and window industry for many years and got a lot of experience in cost control.

Latest Projects We Did

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